What to do on some spare time or on a rainy day?


Here are some ideas and tips for you:


Museums and Knowledge spots:

K.u.K. Museum Bad Egart

K. & K. Museum at the former  Egart Thermal Baths

You can discover a unique collection of rarities and exhibits of the Empress Elisabeth – better known as Sisi and Emperor Franz Joseph I. This objects from the K.u.K. time and the Hapsburgs allow you to travel to the good old imperial period.

Eisenbahnwelt Rabland

Train World in Rabland

The Train World in Rabland near Meran is the largest digital model railway system in Italy. An extensive collection of model trains awaits you. Furthermore, next to the low mountain range you can also discover South Tyrol with its sights in miniature.

Schloss Tirol

Tyrol Castle in the village of Tyrol

Castle Tirol, original seat of the Counts of Tirol’s family, is a millennial monument of art and history. Today it hosts the Museum of Culture and History of the Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol, with a permanent collection from the middle ages to our days and special exhibitions on various themes of local culture and history.

Archeoparc Schnalstal


The archeoParc focuses on Ötzi, who was discovered here in 1991 in the Schnals Valley glaciers. You will see reproductions of his clothing and equipment as well as reconstructed Stone Age buildings. Demonstrations and workshops are held every day, such as making fire, baking bread, and shooting a bow and arrow.

Wine-growing museum on the castle Rametz

In its four spacious halls the wine-growing museum shows beautiful tools used in viniculture across the ages. Many now forgotten tools have been collected over decades of dedicated work and the collection now ranges from tools for cultivating the land and for grape gathering and carrying to equipment and means for pest control. There are also tools for the cultivation of cereals and the processing of cereals.

Kulturwanderung "Peter Mitterhofer"

Peter Mitterhofer ”cultural excursion

Along the culture trail there are 12 stations where hikers can take a break and find out more about special sights of our holiday community. The hike makes it even possible to participate in a guessing game.

Messner Mountain Museum Schloss Juval

Mountain Museum at the Juval Castle

With a central museum in Sigmundskron and five branches, where individual subjects are treated, Reinhold Messner creates a unique mountain museum. Messner himself describes this project as his “15th Eight thousand”. Here, he passes on his knowledge, his experiences and the stories arising from the encounters between man and mountain to the visitor.

Schreibmaschinenmuseum Partschins

Typewritermuseum in Partschins

The typewritermuseum in the heart of Partschins, dedicated to its most famous citizen: Peter Mitterhofer, inventor of typewriters, musician and ventriloquist as well as globetrotter of  the first hour. On display there are more than 1800 models that document the history of the typewriter, starting with the wooden prototype of Peter Mitterhofer 150 years ago up to the first electronic typewriters of our days.

Nature and Animals:

Pflegezentrum für Vogelfauna mit Flugvorführungen

Bird care centre

The daily flight shows on Tyrol Castle hill are an inspiring experience for young and old alike. Twice a day at 11.15 am and 3.15 pm captive-bred falcons, vultures, eagles, buzzards, kites and owls are released to fly above the Merano basin. The centre’s primary role is to nurse injured birds back to health and return them to the wild as soon as possible.

Öko- und Erholungsbiotop Rabland

Ecological and recreational biotope Rabland

This green oasis is a retreat for many animal species! It is a refuge and an irreplaceable habitat for various species of birds, such as mallard ducks, coots, gray herons, dippers, wagtails, reed warblers, for amphibians, fish and water insects such as the king emperor or the green hawker.

Raffeiner - Orchideenwelt

Raffeiner – Orchideenwelt

Since March 13th, 2016, the Raffeiner Orchid World has not only been an opportunity for orchids lovers to marvel and discover, but also for families from South Tyrol and holidaymakers from near and far. Explore the Raffeiner Orchid World and let yourself be enchanted.

A wide range of Sports Activities:

Klettern am Partschinser Wasserfall

Rock climbing  at the waterfalls Partschins

Feel the power of the water with an unforgettable climbing tour including all the senses at the waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Alps. The climbing tour leads along the 100 m high descent of the Partschin’s waterfall.

Freibad Partschins

Open air swimming pool in Partschins

Whether you want to relax or stay fit, whether with games and fun, you can enjoy the solar heated outdoor pool with a sport swimming pool (33 m) in our holiday region Partschins with a spacious quiet lawn and an own small children’s area.

Waalwege in Rabland und Umgebung

Waal routes in Rabland and his surroundings

Around 1900 there were about 1000 waal routes in South Tyrol with a total length of the main strands of more than 1000 km. Today the Waal routes on the slopes of the Burggrafenamt and the Vinschgau Valley are one of the most popular hiking trails.


Tandemflug mit Tirolfly

Tandemflight with Tirolfly

There are many special things that one can experience.Touching the clouds, free like a bird, is for sure one of them. All you need is a good pair of shoes to be able to run 10-15 meters on the takeoff, the rest will be done by an experienced pilot.


Xsund Hochseilgarten Terlan

Xsund high rope course in Terlan

The high rope course in Terlan is an obstacle course with artificial barriers made out of wood, ropes and steel cables. At a height of 2.5 to 20 meters our climbing forest consists of different exercises for a wide range of applications.




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