Don’t you know Rabland yet?


Then, it’s time …


As a suburb of Partchins, this village is located at the Vinschgau Valley’s mouth at about 7km [4.35 M] distance from the thermal town of Meran. Among the last few years, this community has developed as a tourism village becoming quite a popular holiday destination for hikers and bikers, too. Thanks to its strategic location, Rabland offers visitors and residents a pleasant stay with an excellent transport connection to the Vischgau Valley and the Burggrafenamt district allowing yourself – your mind and soul – to enjoy a relaxing and restorative break in comfort without your car.


A few good reasons to spend your holiday in Rabland…

  • Perfect connectivity on rural and urban public transport systems, indeed
  • Quick and easy access to both sides of the valley: Texel Mount by new cable-car service at 1km [0.62M] and Aschbach Village at 1,3km [0.80M]
  • Pure Nature to enjoy at the Texel Mountain Cluster Nature Reserve as well as along the High Path of Meran
  • Hiking tours alongside the irrigation channels – the “Waalweg”- the Panorama and high mountain trails besides the alpine tours recommended to anyone
  • A unique chance to experience and to regain strength through a promenade to the Partchins waterfall at 4.7km[2.92M]
  • Relaxing biking tours on the Vinschgau Valley and Etsch River cycle paths… even further southwards towards the Garda Lake or north-westwards to Switzerland
  • Moreover, biking tours along the alpine trails on either the North-Mountain or Sun-Mountain
  • Collect cultural experiences and discover the three museums located within a stone’s throw from each other – in Rabland and Partchins which was the hometown of Peter Mitterhofer – the typewriter inventor
  • The Thermal Centre in Meran looking the Alps at only 7km [4.34M] distance.