You are heartily welcome on our webpage!


We  – Hubert, Alexandra, Dominik and Nadine Schnitzer – appreciate very much your time, the most precious resource we have at our disposal and we will do our best to make your stay nice and comfortable.

After several years of inactivity, we decided to fulfil our mother and grandmother’s dream of having our little house at No.5 Max-Valier-Street in Rabland, one of Partschin’s local communities – enlivened and once more filled with guests.

That’s why in winter 2016 we finally had the house renewed and remodelled with four modern holiday apartments furnished above average standards.

When we were especially focused on design options and high quality furnishings, the task of finding out a proper name for the residence and each apartment did not seem to us less relevant. Among many titles, “Apartment Zielspitz” was selected because in Rabland the sun shines for 300 days per year. Besides, the name “Zielspitz” belongs to the mountain peak that rises high above Partschins’ burg and is a majestic part of the local scenic panorama. Furthermore, the name of every single apartment matches the name of each small Spronser lake located within the Nature Park heart on the Texel rocky group which is well worth a visit!


What to experience here…

  • a renewed home from winter 2016
  • a contemporary and lovingly furnished living ambience
  • above-average equipped apartments
  • own balcony or garden available for a cosy rest
  • co-use for a BBQ and seating area in the garden
  • shopping at only nearly 600m [2000ft] distance with a 3% discount on groceries – *except for current special offers, newspapers and tobacco products
  • car and bike parking area
  • sustainable tours just from our house front door – its strategic location makes it easy for you to reach any destination point by public transport facilities and forget your car


Please, support us and help us achieve our mother and grandmother’s ambition of having the house alive and fulfilled with friendly memories.

We really look forward to receiving your inquiries or a confirmed reservation as well as to welcoming you to the Apartment Zielspitz!


The Schnitzer Family